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Simplee Natural Foaming Tattoo Cleanser

Simplee Natural Coconut Oil Foaming Tattoo Cleanser is formulated to gently cleanse new tattoos and is a very important element in the proper healing of new tattoos. It's all natural, 100% vegan and has never be tested on animals. Infused with Tea Tree Oil and Colloidal Silver, it will provide optimal cleansing without irritation or damage to the tattoo. It's best used with our Simplee Natural After Care Tattoo Creme.  

1. Do not replace original bandage, allow the new tattoo area to breathe.
2. Wash hands before gently washing tattoo. Do not use anything other than hand to wash tattoo with Simplee Natural Coconut Oil Foaming Tattoo Cleanser. Apply foam, gently rub in a circular motion until tattoo and area surrounding it has been cleansed.  Pat dry and allow to dry. Apply Simplee Natural Tattoo Creme to entire area. It's concentrated so a little goes a long way. Use same process at least three times daily or more if needed to keep tattoo from drying and itching.
3. Do not scratch or pick tattoo.
4. Avoid swimming and exposing tattoo to water during showering or bathing. Avoid direct sunlight, tanning, and applying regular lotions or cremes for a least two weeks or until healing is complete.
5. Don’t wear tight fitting clothes or clothing that might irritate skin.
6. Only use Simplee Natural Tattoo Crème during and immediately after the tattoo after-care period.

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